An Introduction





Hi festival enthusiasts,


I currently work in the festival industry in Canada, and wanted to share an insiders view of the upcoming events, and the going’s on in the industry.  I personally attend over 20 festivals a year, and manage over 200 events through the events marketing company I work for.  We work with some of the biggest names in entertainment, and help create some of the most memorable show’s in the country.  Through this blog I hope to increase awareness of smaller grassroots festival that are new on the scene, and introduce you to the people involved in putting them on.  Keep my followers up to date on the upcoming festivals this summer season, and making sure you know when tickets go on sale.  Nothing worse than missing out on that unforgettable festival experience.  My goal is to create an ongoing discussion about the Canadian festival experience, and show the world what makes our events so unique.  


One of my theorys about why Canadians love the festival experience so much is the lack of usable outdoor time we get a year.  Locked in side when its minus 40 outside, or hiding from the rain in Vancouver (my home town) when we do get the chance to get together for good music and good times, we do it big.   I will leave you with a photo from WEMF (world electronic music festival)  that I had the pleasure to attend last year in the beautiful south Algonquin park in Ontario.



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